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« the bicycle has a soul. if you succeed to love it, it will give you emotions that you will never forget. »
(mario cipollini)



bike trip through norway 2004

oslo - geilo - flåm - oslo

pages of this journey report

the short intro gives you a quick overview. 
take a look at the photos of this journey. 
the route of our journey. 
the route shown on a map. 
 virtual tour
view this trip in the map browser, that uses googlemap. 
 diary week 1
read this journeys diary from week 1. 
 diary week 2
read this journeys diary from week 2. 
 diary week 3
read this journeys diary from week 2. 
read how we have prepared us for this trip. 
 packing list
the equipment we have taken with us. 
links that are related to this journey. 
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